Discovery: Wettworker and Cubbiebear

Sadly, we’re a little late in discovering Cubbiebear as the American MC recently passed away. However, he collaborated with Canadian post-punk artist Wettworker before his passing and their new track Are You Okay? is a tribute to his memory.

By Graeme Smith

Lyrically, Are You Okay? is phenomenal. The words flow easily from Cubbiebear, full of anger and passion and without rest. The accompanying lyric video really brings them to life, visually being burned in reverse, as does Wettworker’s dense and industrial arrangement.

The heavy, post-punk genre tends to be a little crowded with mediocre bands, with very few originals. It seems from Are You Okay? That Cubbiebear was one of them and it’s a shame his career was cut short. Check out Are You Okay? below.