Interview: Undefeated

We chat to Meredith, Christian and Ian from teen rock trio from New York Undefeated about new music, influences and a desire to come to ‘original’ York.

Interview By Jane Howkins

How was your 2019?
In 2019 we had a lot of firsts. First single release, first music video, first nomination for an award, first video to hit one thousand views on YouTube (1.7 thousand views, and 49 shares on Facebook!) New things on the horizon for 2020! Expanding our metal/christian rock scene in Upstate NY.

Have you released any music so far this year? If so, what can you tell us about that?
We released our first single, Shadows, in August 2019 in celebration of our 2nd ‘bandiversary’. We have our next single titled Where Are You is coming out in the next couple months to be followed up with our first EP by the end of the year.

Are you working on any new music at the moment? What are you working on, and when will it be released?
Yes! We’re in the process of filming our music video for Where Are You, recently finished a piano song, and are passionately working on the metal end of our music.

Have you got any upcoming tours planned? If so, where are you playing and where are you looking forward to going most?
Still playing a lot of single shows. We’re performing at the Kindred Award show in Vineland, New Jersey March 21st. We’re also up for the award “New Group.” You can find the voting link on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Upcoming Shows are:
Battle of the Bands – Syracuse, NY
Café at the Mill – Millbury, MA
Rock the Church – Carthage, NY

One of our favourite events was a concert for military youth on Fort Drum, New York. Booking a second concert is currently in the works.

Who/what has influenced you the most as musicians?
Ian: Literally everything influences me. Whether it’s something good, or even if it’s bad.
Everyone needs a place to just be themselves. We learned the value of this simple fact by watching how others made us feel. Acceptance is refreshing. That’s what drives us, we want people to walk away feeling refreshed.

What have you been listening to recently that you can recommend to our readers?
Meredith: Lacey Sturm! Killer lyrics.
Christian: Demon Hunter, for the heavy metal lovers, double-kick drumming that feeds the soul.
The Birk, our nickname for Ian, remains a Beatles fan, with Led Zeppelin thrown in and any other classics from that era.

Why do you think people should pick up one of your records or come and see you live, and what can people expect from one of your shows?
Our lead vocalist can flat out sing. Christian is a beast on the drums. The bassist adds smoooooth lines. Our shows include ballads for those who like it from the heart; and some rockin’ tunes for you headbangers. You’re not going to sit and listen to the same sound over and over.

Any last words for the fans?
Check out our pages – Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to come to your area!