The Imbeciles announce new album and tour dates

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album, out 27th March THE IMBECILES present their new single Decider, out now. The band have also confirmed a run of UK tour dates for April, see below for full dates and details.

Mesmerising, ghostly, seductive, urgent, poignant, Decider is about the ultimate endgame: death. This track draws you into its web and holds you there. There’s no escape. Is there anything after ‘the end?’ If there is, will it bring happiness, or just more pain? And, are we to be judged by The Decider when we get there?

The inspiration, if you can call it that, for the song comes from the band’s own recent experiences. “We’ve lost a few people recently that we were close to. It does tend to make you ponder the universe, and whether you get a second act,” says Butch Dante, guitarist.

Filmed on location in the Texas panhandle, the video will be the second of a triptych of films written by Butch, focused on the band’s main preoccupation: the fact that the world is ending and people should be kinder to each other while it does.

The Imbeciles are preparing for the release of their self-titled debut album, of 13 imploded songs which rarely last more than two minutes. Recorded on tape in eight deranged days on the Texan-Mexican border, it’s packed with stripped-down musical information and resonant with atmosphere.

“We’re trying not to adhere to the conventional wisdom of what a band should be, and who should be in it,” guitarist/lyricist Butch Dante believes. “Jads is a jazz-trained drummer who can roll off the beat in a Mitch Mitchell sort of way, the keyboardist comes from classical and jazz, and as the punk anchor with my lack of musical ability, I default to heavy power chords, based around fierce rock riffs. Those riffs, a strong drum-beat and aggressive bass are all very commercially viable. We might shift off into a hinterland of jazz-infused prog, but we bring it back. Because we want people to listen.”

This diverse death-trip’s ambition is matched by gig venues. “We don’t tour where most people do,” Butch advises. “In America, biker bars and punk clubs. It’s been really good for us to see America’s underside.”

Butch Dante once met Hunter S. Thompson, still admiring his hero afterwards although it was “like talking to an otter on acid” he recalls, demonstrating the experience with a gabbling howl. Gonzo they may be, but The Imbeciles remain productively committed to their path. Clubs in London and New York are planned for like-minded souls: soirees for desperados. Fear and restraint will be left at the door.

See them perform at the Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds on April 14th.