The Very Grimm Brothers come to All Saints Hall, Poppleton

On Friday 3 April, “middle-class rappers” The Very Grimm Brothers will come to Poppleton All Saints Hall for their Grimm Night Out.

Feature photo by Kate Pearce

A brilliant and beguiling mix of comedy, poetry, fairy tale, anecdotes and music. If you only attend one comedy-poetry-music-fairy tale-anecdotes-singing event during the Festival, let this be the one!’ – Church Stretton Arts Festival

Words & music from The Very Grimm Brothers – Adrian Mealing + John Denton (guitar) – the only thing that cheers them up is you. You’re invited to Castle Grimm & their enchanted forest for encounters with direct action, clumsy departures, the poetry of platforms, Seville marmalade, undimmed love, Severn Trent Water and the spinning of gold from straw.

Adrian is a Malvern Poetry Slam Champ. He sings à cappella with Men In General, A Fistful of Spookies and The Spooky Men’s Chorale (Aus). John wears several musical hats including his John Denton’s Midnight Band hat.

“It’s a very chatty, tangential gig. Grimm John just bought a Martin D28 Re-imagined acoustic guitar. I don’t know where he finds the money,” complains Grimm Adrian.

What’s it going to buy us in the new world order
Friendship, Peace, Prosperity
Good ole boys are closing the border
Not what we’d hoped for our kids’ destiny
I tell you something, it’s not for me
Sajid Javid’s 50p

from 50p (27.1.20)

The Very Grimm Brothers have made appearances alongside the Peatbog Faeries, Attila, John Hegley, Elvis McGonagall, Johnny Fluffypunk and Roger McGough, shows with Poetry on Loan, Bang Said The Gun, PureandGoodandRight, Platform 1, Swindon Poetry Festival, Stratford upon Avon Litfest, Stretton Arts Festival, Stamford Verse, Worcestershire Literary Festival, Wolds Words, Mouthpiece Poets, Mouth & Music, Speakeasy, the legendary Blue Suede Sporran Club and now.

Titles include Underwear and anthology Smoke & Mirrors (Versatile Arts). Listen out for a chat with them on the York Calling podcast soon!

The Very Grimm Brothers will perform at All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton on Friday 3 April, 7.30pm. Tickets are £12.50 from Poppleton Live.