The We Shall Overcome Isolation Festival

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, which is likely to affect homeless and disadvantaged people disproportionately, the We Shall Overcome team have come up with a plan to stage an ‘Isolation Festival’.

The festival will feature York based singer songwriter Dan Lucas aka Boss Caine who said

‘I’m really pleased to have been invited to perform at this unique festival. I have been involved in We Shall Overcome since it’s inception and it has changed so many lives – my own included through meeting so many amazing people through the events. As well as playing at WSO events and helping organise some of the annual ones, my weekly open mic ‘Busk at Dusk’ in York has for the last year collected funds for WSO to help local York charities, such as the brilliant Kitchen for Everyone’, do such amazing work. Obviously whilst the bar is closed we can’t do this so we are looking at ways to use social media and streaming services to keep getting the word out and the donations coming in.’

As well as Dan the festival will feature many other noted musicians from across the country including Robb Johnson, Grace Petrie, Phil Odgers and many, many more!

WSO started in May 2015 as a response from the music community to the worst excesses of austerity. Since then our organisers have run more than 1100 gigs raising an estimated £500.000 worth of food, cash, warm clothing and toiletries for food banks, homeless outreach, soup kitchens, crisis centres, youth projects and refugee support, every penny of which went straight to the front line. This festival aims to raise even more much needed funds.

The Isolation Festival is a 12-hour online festival run through a Facebook Group where you can see 30+ artists perform in their homes from midday to midnight on Saturday 11 April. From midday the festival will host 20 minute sets from each artist and, when their stage time comes, they will become the pinned post at the top of the group. When they finish, their post will be unpinned and the next act will take ‘the stage’. All you need to do is put the kettle on and enjoy music from our kitchen to yours.

To enjoy the festival, join the group and from midday on Saturday 11 April cheer the performers on while the festival tries to build bridges up and down the land and raise spirits in these darkest of days. Oh, and spread the news.

The last words come from the festival organisers:

We are at a unique moment in history. There are no gigs. If we focus all our collective energies on this one, we could get a global audience of…. well, who knows? But it will take everyone working at it to achieve this, from our artists hitting their fan base, to as many people as possible hitting ‘share’. Only together can we make this work, only together can we get to the other side in one piece still smiling.
And that is a message for our times.
Join us.

The We Shall Overcome Isolation Festival will take place via their Facebook Group from midday on Saturday 11 April 2020.

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