Sobriquet – A Hundred Thousand Tongues

Sobriquet are a metal band from Sheffield, with A Hundred Thousand Tongues being their latest release.

By Jane Howkins

It’s an EP, with the four tracks here giving a great snapshot into the workings of the band. Their sound is firmly contained within the metal genre but changes style often, with screaming finally giving way to singing in first song Higami, showing a band that aren’t afraid to display a little musicality within their ferocious sound.

Their riffs are also fantastic, serving both a technical and melodic purpose. Some metal bands tend to go too far towards the technicalities whilst ignoring everything else, however Sobriquet are not that sort of band, with the tracks on this EP displaying a brilliant sense of melody. The band take on a more melodic sound on Eros, which contains something of a post-hardcore sound to it. There’s so much going on within these tracks and we loved the backing effects contained within this particular song.

Their music might put metal purists off a little due to the post-hardcore elements, but Sobriquet are a fantastic band, and one that we would like to hear more of. Their love for melody and experimentation will serve them well in a genre that can sometimes seem stale, and it’s this uniqueness that will give them the fanbase they deserve.