The Blinders – Interview

The Blinders are one of the UK’s best up and coming bands, with a new album out soon that is set to be nothing short of spectacular. We chatted with Tom to find out more about it…

You’ve got a new album coming out soon. What can you tell us about that?

Well first things is that it’s now coming out on July 17th because of Covid-19. But, yeah, it’s the new record, it’s called Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath, and we’re very, very pleased with it. It was recorded at Manchester’s Eve Studios with Rob Ellis and Adrian Bushby.

How was the recording process, and how was it to work with Ellis and Bushby?

It was a real pleasure working with someone like Rob Ellis. We knew we wanted to make a record with him from the get go. It started off quite surreal, but we quickly got into a nice groove with it all. He’s cut from the same cloth as us. Adrian Bushby mixed the record and, just like Rob, he put his own spin on our songs which we didn’t expect but were over the moon with.

The album seems to focus on the topic of mental health. Is this something that is important to you?

What I would say is that it’s for people who have been strung out at the bottom of a hole before, or woke up feeling like everyday you’ve been getting spread thinner and thinner. It’s hard to talk to people about stuff like that. So naturally, these songs developed a conversational style. It can get pretty close to the bone and probably feels like you’re reading somebody’s diary that you shouldn’t be at times.

But a lot of it is simply words that sound good together when sung… We just got a little carried away is all.

Your last album, Columbia, got a lot of praise from critics and fans alike. How was this album cycle different to that one, and has your songwriting changed since then?

I don’t think we’re as erratic or as desperate as we were back then. Everything had to be written at a hundred miles per hour and when we played the tunes, they weren’t exempt from that either. We took our time with this one and really got to know one another better. Which sounds funny given that we’ve known each other since we were boys. But with this whole quarantine thing going on, I imagine a lot of people understand what that means. Especially when they’re spending all their time with their family and partners and they maybe feel like they don’t know each other as much as they should.

What have you been listening to recently, and who/what do you find influences your music most nowdays?

Nothing like what I was listening to while making Fantasies.
I did a playlist on Spotify through which covers pretty much everything that influenced the record. You can listen to it here if you want: Playlist

I find influence in just about everything. It’s all about being lucky for me. Catching a moment and then being prepared to work it to the bone. Try to massage something out of it, even if it’s just a blunt pencil. The hardest thing to do is to try and box up your work, and make it all fit neatly into one thing. When making the record, that was probably the toughest part of it.

You’ve released a few singles, such as Circle Song and Forty Days and Forty Nights. What can you tell us about those tracks?

Depends what you want to know… They’re two vastly different tracks, both showing different sides of the upcoming record I guess. We chose Circle…
as the first thing we’d released in almost a year because we liked it a lot and
we’re eager to show a more musical side. Forty Days… is probably the closest thing to something that you would find on the last record, Columbia.

Do you have any plans to release any more singles? If so, what can you tell us about them, and when will they be released?

Yeah, we’ll be releasing a lot more music than we actually anticipated; to make up for the rescheduled shows and an even more uncertain future that musicians are facing.

You’ve also announced a UK tour in September. Are you excited about that?

Of course.
Being on the road is a lot of what we’re about. It’s like being crucified watching shows be rescheduled and pushed back even further and further, but we’ll get there eventually.

What can people expect from a Blinders show, and why do you think people should come and see you live?

I have no idea. When we’re up there everything goes pretty hazy. I even get like a form of gig amnesia when I’ve just seen a show that blew me away. I find it very difficult to piece it back together in my head. Does anyone else get that? But, yeah, I don’t know,
expect a fire in your belly or something.

Any last words for the fans?

A hot rush is no cure to the everlasting cold.