Punch The Sun – Brevity

Punch The Sun are a band that we’ve featured before, so when we found out that they were releasing a new album we just knew we had to check it out! Brevity is the name of that album, and it’s currently being released on the Bandcamp platform for free, so we highly recommend you check it out (and if you like it, please donate something to the band as well).

By Jane Howkins

It’s a fantastic album overall – the songs are melodic, but it never sounds too mainstream to us. The tracks are incredibly catchy but there’s a real edge to things as well, and we loved this dynamic. Do What I Want was one of our favourite songs, and manages to combine heavy riffs together with those aforementioned melodies in a brilliant way. The best comparison we have is British band The Big Moon, who have also been making huge strides in the music industry recently.

It’s often said that there are too few female artists within the modern rock scene, something that we generally tend to agree with. Punch The Sun are a female-fronted band, and those vocals are used to great effect to create a unique sound. There’s also something of a 90s alt rock/grunge sound to things, and whilst some of the chord sequences are rather simple, that just adds more to the package for us.

Our only gripe was that the production was a little too raw for us, however that’s something to be expected from an indie band, and the tracks are far too good for this to ever be a real problem to us.

Brevity is a fantastic album, and one that will be playing for us for a long time! We genuinely cannot wait to hear more from Punch The Sun, and it will be a musical crime if they don’t get the attention they deserve.