Discovery: Davide Perico

Davide Perico is an Italian instrumental producer and composer who has teamed up with Azusa Kubo and Mattia Stegani on new dystopian track Dark Hall 2.

By Graeme Smith

Davide’s music has a touch of Robert Miles about it, and I’m not just saying that because they’re both Italian instrumental artists. Dark Hall 2 would sit nicely nestled on a playlist alongside tracks from the late Miles’s 23AM album. As if to cement the comparison, Davide even includes storm effects at the beginning of the track, just like the album version of Miles’s most famous track Children.

That’s enough about Robert Miles though as Davide deserves to be considered as his own artist. Dark Hall 2 is a brooding and atmospheric piece that utilises electric guitar to create a dystopian ’80s soundscape. It invokes urgency and the chase. It will leave you breathless. Check it out below.