EP Review: Harrison Rimmer – Broken Strings

Broken Strings is a new four-track EP from Northern singer-songwriter and York Calling favourite Harrison Rimmer.

By Graeme Smith

Harrison cites Goo Goo Dolls as one of his influences and that’s a pretty good start from which to describe his sound. It’s emotional and grounded in ’90s-style power chords. Broken Strings starts on a more intimate note, though, with opener Proud made up of Harrison’s pleading vocals backed by a simple acoustic guitar riff.

Title track Broken Strings ups the tempo but the intimacy remains. It’s a style that you might be used to if you’ve seen Harrison play solo live but not one that’s been put down on record for awhile. Maybe I’m just missing live performance, but it’s a welcome approach.

Lion Heart is Harrison’s stab at a political track, something he admits to not getting into very often with his music. The track is about Brexit and the mess it has wrought, typified by this line: “Lion Heart you’re in a mess, you see the home fires burning but there’s none in your chest.”

The EP is rounded off by Ten Miles, inspired by a drunk man in Nuneaton who Harrison met after a gig there. The stranger wanted to message his ex, a vignette which Harrison had turned into one of his tried and true heart-wrenching ballads.

If you haven’t heard Harrison Rimmer’s music before, this EP is a good place to start. If you’re already a fan, you’ll find lots to love in Broken Strings.

Broken Strings is out now.