S Vestergaard – C.M.W.Y.G.T.

C.M.W.Y.G.T. is the new track from Danish instrumental artist S Vestergaard, a composer we have previously featured on the blog.

By Graeme Smith

I first got into S Vestergaard’s music through his retro-futurist track 1971. C.M.W.Y.G.T. (Call Me When You Get There) has a different feel to it but is still bursting with the innovation that attracts me to his sound.

The idea behind the track is the creation of an electronic orchestra with synths taking the place of traditional instruments. As the track burns along, you get to appreciate the subtle complexity, from the opening room-rumbling base to the celestial twinkling effects.

S Vestergaard knows music and knows the sound he’s trying the create. Even if you normally steer clear of experimental stuff, this may still appeal to you. Check out C.M.W.Y.G.T. below.