Discovery: Chicken Mama

Chicken Mama, aka Kasia Kugay, is an American singer songwriter who has recently migrated from California to Istanbul, Turkey. She blends Appalachian and Turkish melodies in new track Surrender.

By Graeme Smith

Surrender is a track that builds. Starting with a naked and atmospheric banjo refrain, it’s not long before the stomping percussion kicks in, along with Kasia’s folksy vocals. When the first chorus hits, as does a heavy piano harmony, then bass and more percussion and the layers of instrumentals envelope you. All the while the melody doesn’t let up, dragging you through the musical landscape.

Surrender is such a well put-together folk track, clearly written by an artist who knows what she’s doing. Chicken Mama is an exciting addition to the world of Appalachian-style folk and one of which I have become an instant fan. You may well too. Check out Surrender below.