Discovery: Noel Johnson NDJ

Noel Johnson NDJ is an Americana artist from Birmingham, Alabama whose new track So Out Of Style is a powerful opus bringing the personal to the global.

By Graeme Smith

From the outset, So Out of Style feels introspective, an autobiographical piece about how age changes things. Thematically, things quickly evolve into a commentary on the state of the world. Together, it becomes a meditation of trying to find a place in a crazy world and find a place for positivity in a world that is increasingly negative.

Noel delivers this message through gruff, longing vocals and bluesy instrumentals. Among his influences, he lists Beck and John Lennon and you can get both of them from So Out Of Style in terms of message and composition.

At almost seven minutes long, the track is one that you need to devote some time to, but it’s well worth it. Check out So Out Of Style below.