Discovery: Robin Kester

Robin Kester is a Dutch singer songwriter with a captivating and unique style and way with words, as exemplified by her new single Cigarette Song.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Lisa Brammer

Cigarette Song is musically understated. Haunting and echoing guitar forms a simple, looping melody onto which is layered harmonies and Robin’s own delicate and melancholic vocals.

The joy of Cigarette Song is the lyrics. It’s a story of all that we want that is bad. It is seemingly an extended metaphor, for what is not clear but as a listener we are invited to fill in the blanks with whatever we want. This is perhaps its most appealing feature and I was certainly drawn in.

The track features on Robin’s mini-album This Is Not A Democracy. The album was created in a former vacant psychiatric ward and one can’t help but feel that a little of the atmosphere has seeped into the writing and recording process.

Check out Cigarette Song below.