Discovery: Dutch Falconi

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t sure if I like Dutch Falconi’s music when I first heard it. That’s not so much a criticism of him as it is of me because the reason I didn’t like it was that it wasn’t what I was expecting to hear.

By Graeme Smith

Since the ’90s American artist Dutch Falconi has built his career around doing the opposite of what’s trendy. And so it is with his new track Carnival of Souls. The instrumental piece draws from esoteric and wildly unpopular genres such as swing jazz and Transylvanian salsa. It’s ghoulish and cryptic and develops in ways you’d never expect.

And that’s why I’m sharing the track with you today. Over five minutes of unexpected twists and turns he won me over and may well do the same to you. Check out Carnival of Souls below.