Discovery: The JuJu Exchange

American jazz act The JuJu Exchange have teamed up with Tank & The Bangas to explore the concept of grief in new track Eternal Boombox.

By Graeme Smith

Eternal Boombox was built around two simple words we all often ask ourselves – “if only.” They seem especially important in the current moment, where so much avoidable pain and loss has been felt, be it through police brutality or carelessness in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s on this, the third stage of grieving, that Eternal Boombox ruminates.

The track is made up of a smooth, complex and ever-changing structure. Each new element comes as a welcome surprise, none more so than the spoken word verse at the tracks close, delivered hypnotically by collaborator Tank.

The silver lining of any loss, or any social upheaval, is the art that grows from it. I’m grateful that The JuJu Exchange has allowed Eternal Boombox to grow. You can check it out below.