Video: The Seawolf – Urðarbrunnr

Have you ever wondered what a Viking experiencing an existential crisis might listen to? Well, it might be something along the lines of Urðarbrunnr, the new track from American experimental lo-fi artist The Seawolf.

By Graeme Smith

The track combines layers of ethereal, electronic witch house sounds with spoken word Old Norse poetry to create the soundtrack to a parallel universe – one where Norsemen parked themselves in LA and began to experiment with keyboards.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to a video which features sweeping shots of dramatic Scandinavian landscapes and perfect for anyone who likes their ambient music grounded in rich, oft-forgotten part of human heritage (at least outside of York anyway!)

Taken from The Seawolf’s new EP Ginnungagap, check out the video for Urðarbrunnr below.