Discovery: Marv Radio x Face Soul

Marv Radio is a beatboxer who has already had a taste of fame after he went viral for responding to an aggressive passenger on the London Underground with a freestyle rap. He has teamed up with singer Face Soul on his new collaboration Wading – an exploration of the roots of human culture.

By Graeme Smith

In times of social change, it’s good to take the long view. Wading feels like an accessible textbook, painting the picture of human culture from its African origins and following the course of history through an extended water metaphor.

If its ambition alone makes it stand out as something unique, its rendered all the more impressive when you learn that the only instrument used on the track is the human voice. The choice gives the piece a grounded feel, as if the track was born from the earth. I suppose, in a way, it has been, just like everything else and that’s the point.

Marv Radio is a performer with something to say and his message is so important it deserves to be amplified as much as possible. Check out Wading below.