Video: Sidus – Stellar Sky

Post rock is a bit of a love it or hate it genre. Personally, I think when it’s done well it’s right up there with the best. When it’s done badly, it’s a case of rock virtuosos spending eleven minutes performing something that could have been over in three. German solo post-rocker Sidus definitely is the former.

By Graeme Smith

His new track Stellar Sky is inspired by the legendary Carl Sagan, who uttered the phrase when exploring the origin of humanity. The answers are up there in the stars. The track certainly captures that cosmic feel and it does the slow build expertly, adding new elements just as things become familiar and building to something truly spectacular.

It’s all the more impressive considering Sidus is a solo act. Former bass player Spiros Olivotos has built the entire composition himself.

Check out the nature-rich video for Stellar Sky below.