Discovery: Streetlight Cadence

In The Rearview is the mournful new track from American group Streetlight Cadence. It’s a tribute to a lost friend delivered through a combination of modern and traditional elements.

By Graeme Smith

The accordion isn’t generally the most popular instrument out there but when used well it can imbibe a track with a unique and lasting feel. In The Rearview is accordion-heavy, played with a slow sadness interspersed with quicker, hopeful interludes.

It reflects perfectly the intended mood of the track – one of mourning. The track is a tribute to their friend who passed away a month before his first child was born. The lyrics speak to not having the chance to say goodbye and the track feels like catharsis – this is their farewell.

Streetlight Cadence are a group split between Los Angeles and Texas. Outside of music, they’re also TV hosts and have an EMMY-nominated travel show called Will Play For Food.

Check out In The Rearview below.