Discovery: Central Spark

Central Spark is an American experimental artist who explores the concept of voice on his new album ChatterTake No. Eternal is the most vocal-oriented track on the record, combining sampling with a monastic chorus of ambient harmonies.

By Graeme Smith

It’s a rich and complex track that journies to a few different destinations. The early bars combine minimalist piano with a chorus of distorted voices, feeling a little like a monastic chant transported to the modern day from somewhere in the Middle Ages. When that reaches its conclusion, samples and glitchy beats take over, gathering pace like a toy slowly being wound up until it’s racing to a static-y end. The noise hits a wall and there is silence.

Central Spark’s approach to music is innovative and never boring. Take No Eternal is a great introduction to an artist I’m looking forward to hearing more from. You can check it out below.