Premiere: Thillia – Mister Brighttime (A K J Remix)

Mister Brighttime is a track originally laid down by Congolese-American musician Thillia. This new remix from A K J (Nashville’s Amy King Jane) brings a touch of emo-pop flair to it – you can hear it for the first time anywhere here on York Calling.

By Graeme Smith

In this remix, A K J’s sound can be described as inspired by ’00s pop-punk but it is a 2020 reinvention of it. It’s an example of the genre-mashing that is currently exploding in the under the radar pop scene. Alongside the electric guitars, there are tinges of hip-hop in the bass and drums and a healthy amount of well-used auto-tune.

If the above description hasn’t sold you on it, check out the track anyway – you might be surprised by just how accessible and melodic it is. You can listen to the A K J remix of Thillia’s Mister Brighttime below.