Discovery: Lil Brick & Dre The Monarch

For a couple of college students, Lil Brick & Dre The Monarch can spit some very mature rhymes – as proven by their new track Studio 22.

By Graeme Smith

Their aim for the track is to address the current state of America, and that’s exactly what it does. Through visual metaphor and straight up call outs they cover issues of race, culture, politics, gun violence, media, sport and countless more.

It’s all framed by stream of conscious verses set to old school hip-hop instrumentals, the likes of which were prevalent in the early and mid ’90s, juxtaposing simpler days against the complexity of the modern world.

Studio 22 is work of art that belies its humble origins and sets out Lil Brick & Dre The Monarch ones to watch in the world of hip-hop. You can check it out below.