Discovery: Ariana Fig

Ariana Fig is a young singer songwriter from Canada whose new track Broken Foot attempts to bring back simple songwriting to modern music.

By Graeme Smith

The construction of Broken Foot is straightforward. Ariana’s vocals are accompanied by a gentle electro-acoustic guitar riff meaning the narrative takes centre stage. The title refers to a night where Ariana got drunk and fell down some stairs. So far, so ordinary.

But Broken Foot is greater than the sum of its parts. Ariana’s crooning vocals are charming and packed with genuine emotion. There is a subtle texture to the track, with harmonies coming and going and change ups in the chords. There’s a deeper meaning in the lyrics – describing themes of unrequited love.

Ariana is a small town girl who, at a young age, has already found her voice. It’ll be exciting to see where her career takes her. Check out Broken Foot below.