Discovery: Genra

Genra is a hip hop artist from Oakland, California who decided to characterise his stress and anxiety in the form of a ’90s Italian-American actor in his new track Joe Pesc.

By Graeme Smith

But the wider exploration of Joe Pesc is discovering your own creativity through the creativity of others. Genra played with a number of styles when he was pulling together his verses – Missy Elliot, A Tribe Called Quest and Cardi B. The result is something feel simultaneously old school and up to date. What really holds the track together for me, though, is the ever-present double-bass loop that gives the whole things a timeless feel.

Genra, born John Gilchrist, adopted his stage name after people would tell him that his style was its own genre. I’m certainly impressed with how he’s used popular tropes to tell his own tale. See what you think by checking out Joe Pesc below.