EP Review: Flor And The Sea – Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens is the new EP from German electro pop act Flor And The Sea.

By Graeme Smith

Cover Artwork by Andrew J Miller

Last month, I shared the video for Flor And The Sea’s track A Candid Lie and was impressed by its chilled ambience and steady electric beat. It’s the intro track to their EP Kings & Queens and sets the tone of the record onto which the next four tracks must build.

It’s followed by Dark Minds, a track we premiered on York Calling way back in 2018. The two tracks contrast each other well. A Candid Lie’s low-key optimism is countered by Dark Minds mournful tension.

Track three is title track Kings & Queens. It’s ambient, with a touch of acoustic guitar beneath synth and keys, perhaps Flor And The Sea at their most organic. The track builds to a big rock chorus which is the showpiece of the EP.

Reconnect is slow, introspective number with wandering bass that comes and goes and percussive interludes. It’s an intriguing and well-constructed track, perhaps my favourite on the EP.

Things are then rounded off nicely with slow burner Arcadia. The classic elements are a late twist in the tale, demonstrating that once you think you know Flor And The Sea’s sound, they expand into territory you’d never expect.

I imagine this EP is intended to be a shop window for newcomers to Flor And The Sea and, in that respect, it works really well. There’s a range of styles on display but it’s not incoherent. Chilled ambience remains the name of the game throughout and it’s an easy and joyful listen. You can check out the full EP below.