New Music: Izaak Opatz – Drunk On A Plane

Izaak Opatz is an American singer songwriter who we’ve previously featured on the blog. While Bathing In the Ganges was a slow and subtle song, his new one Drunk On A Plane is upbeat, brash and thoroughly unashamed.

By Graeme Smith

Izaak’s music could be best characterised as country or folk, but only if you’re comfortable giving Beck that same label. Drunk On A Plane introduces pop elements to a country foundation, creating something that’s in between the two genres and completely engaging, especially when the vibrant chorus kicks in.

Hailing from Montana, in the heart of the rural Great Plains of North America, Izaak is a rare find. We’re definitely fans of him here and I hope you will be too. Check out Drunk On A Plane below.