Discovery: Stuffy Shmitt

Stuffy Shmitt is a singer songwriter from New York City who takes on the subject of aging in his new track Mommy & Daddy.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Stacie Huckeba

What captured me most about Mommy & Daddy is its lyrical poetry. The verses are a disorienting swirl of imagery – fast cars, drinks, baseball – it feels like a patchwork of America over the past decades. There’s a timeless feel to it, like it’s an artefact from a time gone by, but at the same time being contemporaneously relevant. It’s quite a feat.

Yet, it’s not surprising considering the time Stuffy Shmitt has had to develop his sound and song writing over a long career full of stories. Now based in Nashville, Mommy & Daddy is one of a number of creations born from depression and mania which once threatened to take over his life. It’s perhaps the silver lining that we can now enjoy the resulting art.

Check out Mommy & Daddy below.

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