Premiere: Kalen Chase – Bare, The Cross

Best known for appearing alongside acts such as Korn and Vimic, Bare, The Cross represents something of a departure for American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kalen Chase. Hear it for the first time anywhere here on York Calling.

By Graeme Smith

Though Bare, The Cross has a gentle rock vibe, his heavy metal pedigree still flows through. The lyrics are full of dark poetry and religious imagery. There is an emotive chorus with rich harmonies and riff-laden interludes. It feels as if Bare, The Cross would appeal to a wide cross-section of fans, from metalheads to soft rock swayers.

Kalen’s change of direction reflects his change of location, from heavy metal LA to the home of great songwriters, Nashville. Check out Bare, The Cross below and get a copy of it from your preferred platform here.