EP Review: The Calls – The Fall Again Inside EP

The Calls are one of Leeds’ best kept secrets – they’re an indie band from the area that have slowly built up a fanbase over the past few years. They make indie rock music that is quite similar to the indie that emerged during the early 2000s, although they’re much better than a lot of the ‘landfill indie’ bands from that era.

By Jane Howkins

The Fall Again Inside EP is The Calls’ latest release, and it makes for fantastic listening, as always. It’s interesting to hear how their music has progressed over the years – they still have the indie sound, but they’ve also incorporated in elements of psychedelic rock and post-punk. The change in sound is obvious on opener Fall Inside – it sounds a low slower one might otherwise expect from this band, and there are lots of spidery little guitar riffs playing along underneath the rest of the track.

I Just Thought I’d Say brings yet another style to The Call’s music, with most of the instrumentation consisting of an acoustic guitar and bongo drums. It sounds very different to the rest of the EP and it won’t be for everyone, but it makes for an interesting listen nonetheless.

A Change Is Gonna Come Around Here changes things up even more, providing an eerie rhythm and some cool guitar licks into the mixture. Despite the experimentation, there is still a sense of danceability about the track, and we are intrigued to see how the band manage to perform these songs in a live setting.

The Fall Again Inside EP makes for a great listen, and it’s fantastic to hear the band experimenting like this. It won’t be for everyone and fans of their earlier work may not enjoy everything on offer here, but we recommend giving it a chance and checking these 5 tracks out anyway. We now find ourselves suitably intrigued about what The Calls will produce next time around – here’s hoping for a full album!