Jane’s Top 10 of 2020

2020 hasn’t been the best of years, but one positive thing is that it has meant that lots of new music has been released, with lots of artists using their time spent in quarantine writing music. Our managing editor Jane runs through her top ten tracks of the year below.

By Jane Howkins

Feature Photo – Daniel Trakell

The first track on my list is Shoulders by The Habits. It starts off as a typical indie rock song, but the chorus melody is so addictively catchy that it’s very hard to stop listening once you’ve started! You can check Shoulders out here.

Next up is Out Of The City Pt. 2 by Keemosabe. The opening riff and upbeat melody is what attracted me to this track first, but the video is also well worth a watch.

OMG is another indie track with a fantastic chorus melody – the band are called Fialta and the track can be found here – they’re definitely ones to watch for the future!

Baptized In The Flames is a grungy track by Le Saiint – they also have something of a 90s alt rock/punk sound to their music, and the main melody is so incredibly catchy – check it out here.

Lemonteeth are a British modern rock band and Lazy was one of my favourite tracks of the year, with the band mixing rock and pop together perfectly – the main guitar riff is incredibly catchy so check it out now.

The next song on my list is Devil On Your Shoulder by Sweetlove. It’s a pop-rock track with a folky edge to it, and I loved the main melody and Sweetlove’s brilliant vocals. It’s catchy but it never sounds too mainstream – check the song out here.

The Last Psalm (Hey Ho) is a little different to a lot of the tracks on this list, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. There’s almost a spiritual feel to Shlomi Ash’s track and it’s very haunting- check the video out now.

The Stories We Forget is a beautiful piece of orchestral music created and composed German musician Andreas Kübler – it’s a classical track, but it’s absolutely stunning to listen to – I was reminded somewhat of the orchestral music that was featured in the film Gladiator. Check the video out here.

The penultimate song on my list is Harp & Plow’s song, which is also curiously titled Harp & Plow. The track mixes together folk and blues music and the strong vocals mix well with the dark melody, giving it an almost eerie feel – check out the lyric video now.

Last (but most certainly not least) is Daniel Trakell’s recent release So Long. This was a pretty late addition but I’m glad I was able to listen to it before compiling this list. It’s a pop song with a 60s feel to it, and the chorus has an incredibly anthemic feel to it – check the track out here.

Bonus Track:

It’s always hard making these lists as we get so many good songs sent to us, so here’s a bonus track by Misty Mtn. Robots In The Trees is quite poppy for me, but there was just something about the melody that really struck me – check it out here and see if you feel the same way!

Here’s to listening to even more music next year!