Discovery: Only Åírös

Only Åírös is an American electronic dance music producer who takes his influences from metal, classical, jazz, pop, hiphop, house and more besides. His new track Headfucked leans heavy on pop sensibilities and is an absolute banger.

By Graeme Smith

Emotional vocals tell the story of passionate love that is so strong it hurts. “I want you under my skin like a bad burn worsening,” they declare as a chilled house beat kicks in. The vocals and instrumentals take turns taking the lead as the track unfolds. All the while the extended fire metaphor continues – simple yet poignant.

Åírös has been recording since the age of 16 and has a mission to bring something new to an often staid genre. If you’re not a natural EDM fan like myself you might find yourself surprisingly into his sound. Check out Headfucked below.