New Music: Jamie Rhodes – The Lorn & Trembling Blues

Jamie Rhodes is a British artist who first hit my radar in October last year through his track The Casualty in Town. He’s back, accompanied by Ben Roberts on cello with a track dedicated to 2020, The Lorn & Trembling Blues.

By Graeme Smith

When I first heard Jamie’s music, I was struck by his confessional lyrics and sense of wistful resignation. His new track has a similar mournfulness but feels more outward-facing. It’s a reaction to injustice in the world. While The Casualty In Town was constructed from stripped back acoustic guitar, the added cello here gives The Lorn & Trembling Blues a more lush and epic sound.

You can check out the track below. If you like what you hear then you’ll be pleased to know that Jamie has told me there’s an album – The Mighty Mighty Something – on the way soon.