Declan McKenna to Perform in Yorkshire this Spring

Declan McKenna released his second album last year, titled Zeros.

Zeros was released on the 21st August 2020 through Columbia Records. It was recorded out in Nashville, produced by Jay Joyce and mixed by Spike Stent. It followed 2017’s critically acclaimed debut album, What Do You Think About The Car? (which helped propel Declan to an eye-watering 230 million streams and 200,000 album sales), and introduced a talented teenager with an ear for a melody and a head full of questions. Questions not just for our highest members of state, but also questions for each and every one of us. Questions that Declan’s whip-smart generation were all baying for the responses to.

Declan currently has a UK tour planned for this spring – please be aware that this may be cancelled due to the pandemic. He will be performing at the 02 Academy in Sheffield on March 19th 2021 and the 02 Academy in Leeds on April 8th 2021. Please watch this space for more information if the tour is rescheduled.