Leeds Band FUDGE. Release New Single

Leeds four-piece FUDGE. have released the live video for YOUR FALL FROM GRACE, the second track from their forthcoming EP, appropriately titled THE TOWN HALL SESSION, the eminent Leeds building where the band recorded the single live.

Described by the band as a “rebellious love song”, Y.F.F.G. is as close to a love song as their style will possibly allow. It’s a more authentic and palpable love song, though, one that is free from the more idealised romanticisms and clichés we are all used to with general rock and pop songs. Y.F.F.G. unearths the less glamorous yet more common aspects of day-to-day relationships and highlights the angst of anticipating the future when you should really be enjoying the present.

Watch the video for Y.F.F.G. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3ylfqk5uUE&feature=youtu.be

Listen / download Y.F.F.G. here: https://cdbaby.lnk.to/fudgeYFFG

FUDGE. are, by their standards at least, more restrained here and it pays off in allowing the narrative to come through and steal your attention. Come the chorus, however, the band provide us with another song which demands the listener get up and move. But with this one you don’t necessarily have to. It’s by no means something you can sit back and relax to; it’s a tune you should sit back and engage with because, chances are, there is something in it that we can all relate to.

The band pride themselves on their live performance which, repeatedly, is eulogised by those who find themselves caught within the chaos of a FUDGE. gig. Their epic live performances have now met head on with the majestic and iconic venue in which they recorded THE TOWN HALL SESSION. Unfazed by the grandeur of the building, the boys and the team captured their hectic performance in stark polarity to the splendour of the venue. You wouldn’t think to pair the two, but it works.

YOUR FALL FROM GRACE is supported by Independent Venue Week, the importance of which counts more than ever in 2021 because they represent our precious venues, their precious work forces, and the artists who play them whose careers have been so devastated by Covid-19. IVW 2021 is a time to celebrate and support our independent venues, and during the release period of Y.F.F.G. the band have been working with IVW to help remind everyone of the outstanding and stunningly unique venues the entire country has in its arsenal.

CHLOE WARD, director of Independent Venue Week UK, says: “We’re so chuffed that FUDGE. chose IVW 2021 as the time to release their latest single, especially as the unique recording methods behind it align so well with the DIY, independent attitude that so many of our venues and promoters have.”