Video: Bluebloods – Postcard From a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon

Canadian alternative performer Bluebloods (real name Conrad Sweatman) is an artist we’ve featured a few times before on York Calling but this has been my first chance to review him. I’ve not been left disappointed.

By Graeme Smith

His new video Postcard From a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon, as you might have guessed from the title, has a story behind it. Flin Flon is a mining town on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The quarantine in question isn’t the one we’re all living through now but a reference to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Bluebloods delivers the story through esoteric references and archaic language that will have you reaching for your dictionary – and that’s all part of the joy. The delivery is outstanding and the hip hop backing track entirely unexpected. It really is like nothing I’ve heard before.

Check out the video below. And, if you like it, have a listen to some of his other track we’ve featured as well.