Discovery: Chloe Gilligan

Chloe Gilligan is an American pop artist who was born and raised in Georgia and now lives in Nashville. Her new track Front Porch is a raw, authentic love song that really caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Love can be fleeting. Front Porch is Chloe’s attempt to capture and immortalise it in song. There is a beautiful narrative synergy between her voice and the instrumentals. As she talks about the pouring rain, layered staccato strings simulate the sound. Her heavy heart is represented by a melancholic, two-note piano melody. It’s all very cleverly done.

Since releasing her EP Erase August in 2019, Chloe has been making waves. Last year she was selected to play SXSW Festival and performed at the Sundance Film Festival. She is really bringing something fresh to pop and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Check out Front Porch below.