Album Review: NOFX – Single Album

Punk rock legends NOFX are back with a new album titled Single Album, and we’re hear to tell you just how good it is! What we found particularly interesting about this album is that it apparently written whilst frontman Fat Mike was taking copious amounts of drugs, whereas their previous album, First Ditch Effort, was written during a rare period of sobriety for the singer. First Ditch Effort showed some signs of maturity, so we were a little concerned that the progress might fall by the wayside here, but we’re pleased to say that the songs on Single Album are generally of a good standard.

By Jane Howkins

The opening track, The Big Drag, is extremely different from most of the stuff that NOFX have released in the past, with the track featuring something of a post-hardcore feel. It’s a great start to the album, and whilst it may put off fans that are just looking for more pop-punk songs (which there are plenty of!), it’s good to hear the band mixing it up a little. For a band that have a reputation for writing their songs in a similar style, there are a surprising amount of songs here that show NOFX straying from their usual musical path – final track Your Last Resort is a piano ballad of all things, with a saxophone and a lap steel guitar also being featured on other songs.

If you’re just looking for more of the same, then don’t let the above put you off. Songs such as I Love You More Than I Hate Me and Fuck Euphemism show NOFX doing what they do best, and Fish In A Gun Barrel displays the ska sound of the band very well. The only real bum note for us was the Birmingham accent that is attempted on Birmingham, but we’re sure fans will find something to like there anyway.

Single Album is yet another addition to the NOFX catalogue, albeit one that shows the band making new strides, as well as falling back on old territory. It’s good to hear that they’re still capable of defying the odds and trying new things out, but the old NOFX sound is still there for those wanting more of the same. It won’t necessarily change the world, but Single Album is certainly a step forward for the band, so we highly recommend fans check it out.