New Music: Morcheeba – Oh Oh Yeah

Hot on the heels of our share of Morcheeba’s first track from their tenth studio album Blackest Blue, here’s their second. Oh Oh Yeah is a seven-minute odyssey and tribute to the simple joy of getting stoned.

By Graeme Smith

For Morcheeba, Oh Oh Yeah is about getting back to their roots. They’ve put aside the arbitrary rules of the music industry that decide what is popular and what’s not and allowed themselves to record the music they want to. The result is a chilled groove that unfolds over almost seven minutes. Singer Skye Edwards’ dreamy vocals are ever present as verses merge with choruses organically.

Diehard Morcheeba fans will certainly dig this and anyone looking for a moment of zen during a busy day can use it to hit pause. Check out Oh Oh Yeah below. The album Blackest Blue is out 14 May.