Discovery: Bess Atwell

Bess Atwell is a British singer songwriter who has recently signed to Lucy Rose’s Real Kind Records label. She’s received plaudits from The Guardian, The Independent and Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6. Her new track is called Co-op.

By Graeme Smith

I was struck by Bess’s attention to detail and the unexpected nature of her lyrics. In Co-op, the mundane and insignificant takes on a bizarre profundity. The interpersonal becomes the cosmic. It really is a masterclass of song writing. The standout chorus asks: “did you even go to Co-op if you don’t come back singing the pop song that was on?” It seems frivolous but it strikes at a universal truth.

It’s easy to see why Bess is getting such attention. Her star is on the rise and I wouldn’t be surprised if some major chart success is on the way. Check out Co-op below.