Discovery: Tertia

Tertia is an alternative pop artist from London whose rich and emotive new track Emily caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

 Emily is hazy and ethereal. Tertia’s vocals are pleading as she addresses the subject of the track’s title. The electronic beats are chilled, with the electronic layers rising and falling like the tide.

For the track Tertia teamed up with Dutch producer Sascha Meijer and they’ve proven to be a good team, giving this independent track a professional feel while not moving too far away from its DIY roots. It’s impressive stuff from an artist I’d love to hear more from. I’m in luck. Tertia is planning a whole host of releases for 2021 and her EP Tertia’s Mixtape, which features Emily, is out now.

Check out Emily below. You can hear more tracks like it on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.