Video: Eden Rain – Wake Up, You’re Stuck

I listen to a lot of music as part of running this blog and I’ll admit it can sometimes get tiresome. Then, ever so often, an artist comes along and completely breathes fresh air into proceedings. The latest to fit that bill is Leeds raised bedroom pop artist Eden Rain.

By Graeme Smith

Her new track Wake Up, You’re Stuck is an exercise in minimalism. Subtle piano accompanies Eden’s melancholic yet soulful vocals. The lyrics are poetic, full of raw emotion and pathos. The whole track plays like a stream of conscience – a voice in the head that refuses to leave you alone. Just when you think you’ve got the measure of the track, a heartbeat drum beat kicks in and Eden starts a chant that will linger with you after the track has finished.

Eden is a really exciting prospect. I hope you agree. Check out the video for Wake Up, You’re Stuck below.