Album Review: DMA’s – Live At Brixton

DMA’s are a band that have been making waves in the UK across the last few years – they’ve gained a loyal fanbase and tend to be a festival staple, so it’s really of no surprise that they have found themselves ready to release a live album. Live At Brixton is that album – live albums can be a bit of a mixed bag sometimes, but there is plenty here for fans of the band to enjoy.

By Jane Howkins

One of the issues live albums often have is the production quality – songs may sound good when you’re there in person, but they don’t always translate well to a recording. We’re pleased to say that this isn’t really an issue on Live At Brixton – it obviously doesn’t sound the same as a studio recording (and nor should it) but it sounds quite clear, and at times you really do feel like you’re there watching the band perform.

The band perform most of their hits here, as well as a slew of other tunes from across their career. There are a lot of tracks from across DMA’s career on show here, and they really have pulled out all the stops to ensure a good performance, both live and on the record. Fans of the band will definitely love this and we highly recommend they check it out. However, there isn’t really much to entice in new fans – if you don’t know much of DMA’s music, then we would recommend you check out one of their studio releases first, and then come back to Live At Brixton later.

All in all, Live At Brixton is a cracking live album and one that fans should definitely check out. It doesn’t provide much for newer fans though, and we would recommend newer fans check out their studio releases first, but by all means, check out Live At Brixton once you have done so. DMA’s certainly put on a good live show, so we would also recommend checking them out live, once the pandemic is over.