Video: Jesse Brady – Transformations

Jesse Brady is an indie pop singer songwriter from Nashville. Her debut single Transformations takes of the subject of change though a bright instrumental arrangement and an attention to detail in her lyrics.

By Graeme Smith

Transformations was written during a time of flux in her life. Having just graduated from Belmont University, she had the past and feelings of unrequited love on her mind. The song was the result of her processing it all. The lyrics are full of authentic detail, drawing parallels between her experience and her grandmother’s.

If the lyrics are what first captured me about Transformations, I stayed for the music. A bouncing bass line sets the tempo early on but things swell to the track’s full arrangement in the first chorus. It never looks back from there and a sweeping crescendo rounds things off nicely.

Check out the accompanying video, which Jesse also made, below. It’s sure to brighten up your day.