Discovery: Babybl.u

Babybl.u is an indie pop artist from London who formerly fronted the band Oh La Kanada. Her first solo effort is called Highs + Lows.

By Graeme Smith

Highs + Lows is a bouncing electro track with a hint of sadness about it. I was reminded a little of The Cardigans on first listen. Babybl.u’s wistful and ethereal vocals are matched to a driving indie rhythm much like Nina Persson’s. There’s definitely more of a dancier feel to Babybl.u’s music though, particularly as the track progresses and the keyboard solo kicks in.

The track is a great introduction to this artist for me, and a reintroduction for anyone who previously followed her band. I’m sure they won’t be disappointed. Check out Highs + Lows below. If you want to hear more like her check out our (‘Til The Weekend) Comes Round Again playlist on Spotify.