New Music: Chloe Rodgers – Coins For Charon

Nottingham singer songwriter Chloe Rodgers first hit my radar in September last year through her wonderfully ethereal track A Delphian Lullaby. Since then, I’ve shared two more haunting tracks Faces and The Algea.

By Graeme Smith

The vein that runs through Chloe’s song writing is giving the everyday an otherworldly quality through the inclusion of mythological imagery. New track Coins For Charon is a little different in that it wasn’t written by Chloe at all, but rather frequent collaborators Anders Källmark and Nick van Hofwegan, AKA Young & Sick.

Yet, it fits well with Chloe’s style. The unexceptional is brought to life by poetry, hidden depth and unconventional instrumental arrangements. What starts as a quiet piano accompaniment evolves into outbursts of drum and bass.

Chloe and her collaborators have really hit on something fresh and unique in today’s music scene. I continue to be impressed and excited by her music. I hope you are too. Check out Coins For Charon below.