Video: Apocraphe – A Paris L’Affaire 2014

A Paris L’Affaire is the new lyric video from British hip hop artist Apocraphe, and he’s brought along some friends. The track features all ten members of the legendary Parisian crew L’Affaire.

By Graeme Smith

With so many rappers on one track, there is hardly a wasted beat in A Paris L’Affaire. One verse flows into another seamlessly. The lyrics are mostly French but I found that didn’t put me off as a non-speaker. The expression and attitude coming from these legendary rappers can be appreciated nonetheless and the beat, produced by Snoop Dogg and Rum DMC collaborator Nat Powers, will get your head nodding.

Apocraphe’s new album The Escapist Handbook is out in May so this track has been released as a taste of what’s to come from him. You can check out the lyric video below.