Discovery: Divisions

Out of All Proportion is the new track from London alternative rock outfit Divisions, a band that’s just hit my radar.

By Graeme Smith

The track stood out to me because of its soaring vocals and emotive lyrics. There’s definitely a familiarity to Divisions’ sound, and while listening to it I was reminded of the heyday of Britpop in the mid-90’s and early ’00s. It’s very well done though and if you were a fan of the likes of Embrace, Idlewild or The Editors back then you’ll find a lot of joy in Divisions’ music.

Out of All Proportion is the second single from the band’s EP which was released on 12 March. Check out the track below and, if you like it, definitely check out the EP from your preferred streaming service. You can also hear more like Divisions on our (‘Til The Weekend) Comes Round Again¬†playlist on Spotify.