Discovery: John Murry

John Murry may be new to me but he’s a bit of a legend in some circles. He’s received high praise from the likes of UncutMojo and The Guardian since the release of his debut album The Graceless Age in 2013. His new track is called Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You).

By Graeme Smith

As the title suggests, there’s a lot of humour in Oscar Wilde. It’s a dark humour though, used to explore the theme of violence as it pertains to modern American culture and history. The opening verse, for instance, references the Oklahoma City bombing.

The cutting lyrics are tempered by smooth vocals and a classic style and I was reminded of Paul Simon when listening. It’s an art to make something that has something to say but says it in a way that doesn’t put the listener off and John Murry is clearly a master.

John’s new album The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes is set for release on 26 June. Check out Oscar Wilde below.