New Music: Ferdous – Starlight

Ferdous is a Dutch-Afghan bedroom pop artist who I first discovered around this time last year. Starlight is the third track of his I’ve shared and has broadened my understanding of his music. While Counting Stars and Talk 2 were very electro, Starlight strays into the realm of emo hip hop.

By Graeme Smith

There are sadly lots of bad examples of emo hip hop out there so it’s a genre that’s got a bit of a bad reputation. When done well, it’s great for conveying mood and emotion. Ferdous swerves clear of cliché in his lyrics and delivers some unexpected imagery when telling his story of wanting to escape the reality of isolation.

Ferdous continues to deliver his own brand of music which continues to be incomparable to anything else for me. Check out the lyric video for Starlight below.